Experience the Ultimate Golf Simulator: Perfectly Tailored for Your Home or Office Space

Remy Design Group has Partnered with ForeSight Sports To Offer Unparalleled Simulator Experiences

Remy Design Group can build your dream golf simulator with unmatched overhead projector accuracy offering dual dexterity for the ideal simulator experience.

Pioneers of optical ball flight analysis, Foresight Sports has changed the game with its award-winning line of GC launch monitors. Indoors or outdoors, from the PGA Tour to the home simulation studio, no other technology delivers the accuracy and reliability of our GC launch monitors.

At Remy Design Group, we are excited to work with you to build the golf simulator of your dreams, custom-designed to fit your lifestyle and provide an unmatched experience for golf enthusiasts.

Game On With The Most Powerful Award Wining Technology

Power your home simulator with the same launch monitor you bring to the range. The most precise technology in a compact form factor works in just about any space with unprecedented affordability.

Indoor and Outdoor Launch Monitors

Indoors and outdoors, from coaching to club fitting to tru-to-life golf simulation, the Foresight Quad series are the most trusted launch monitors available.

From the range to the simulator, we offer an array of personal launch monitors that never compromise on accuracy and reliability.

Play Your Dream Courses

Enjoy the largest library of gameplay and skill-building software in golf with a vast library of world-class courses.

The ForeSight Sports team has re-created every bunker and lie to ensure your experience is as real as being there.